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From a concerned citizen

I have a concern about putting Fluoride in our drinking supply. It has come to my attention that 40 % of tap water is fluoridated. The chemicals: flourostitic acid, sodium silicofluoride, sodium fluoride are all byproducts of phosphate fertilizer plants, and aluminum plants. FSA is a corrosive acid linked to high blood lead levels. It costs $7,000 a barrel for these plants to bury these toxic wastes, instead they sell it to the EPA and bill us at a 20,000% markup, and the tainted water goes down the drain in households. 100,000 cities and towns get kickbacks for putting fluoride in their water supply and this is causing people to get sick. There are a number of scientists and dentists coming out against fluoridated water. Supposedly the US is planning on a 90% fluoridated water supply within the next few years. On the side of the toothpaste tube you will find a message about fluoride. It tells you not to swallow more than a pea size amount, and gives the number for poison control. Fluoride is the main ingredient in Prozac, as it makes people docile. It was first used in nerve gas in WWII. Fluoride affects the whole nervous system and bathing in it allows it to pass through the skin, and it is absorbed. Why are we still putting fluoride in our water supply?


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