Concerned Citizens and Friends of illegal Immigration Law Enforcement       508-875-0835

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How to help us.

People are always asking how they can help us. Well like any activist group you can donate to the cause.  We have thousands of dollars of expenses that we have incurred to do what we're doing, so if your so inclined, a check towards our expenses would be greatly appreciated.
  If you donate to us all the money you send will be used to help us continue on in our quest to fight for our country.
Some of the things that people have helped us along with are DVD's wireless mics, a few computers, etc.   This has been a great help to us.
So if your feeling generous your money will be well spent in the work we do.
We put a lot of our time into this and we appreciate the any help that we can get. 
Thanks everyone for your help.
Checks can be made to Jim Rizoli 94 Pond St Framingham, MA 01702

Here we are protesting at town hall.

SMOC wouldn't survive if it wasn't for illegal aliens!

We need to save all our states.

Make sure your pets are legal

Illegal aliens are welcomed in Framingham by our politicians

Here is the towns welcome policy for the illegals

The hangout for all the illegal aliens looking for work

Framingham police station

Old Grace Church that has been taken over by the illegals



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