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Jim Pillsbury says “FUCK YOU” to freedom of speech!

Appeal denied by the AF-TV Censors

Their latest attempt to stop free speech.

By Danielle Ameden
Daily News Staff
Posted Jul. 29, 2014 @ 12:01 am

FRAMINGHAM – Brothers Jim and Joe Rizoli say they are appealing an 18-month suspension Access Framingham handed down in response to complaints the Holocaust deniers were violating policies and traumatizing viewers.
The Rizolis say the local cable access organization violated their right to free speech by taking their four shows off the air and suspending their memberships.
But Access Framingham Executive Director Bill McColgan said the sanction came after a full administrative hearing into a series of complaints about the brothers€™ programming.
“We have certain membership policies and procedures that need to be followed,” he said.
This is the second suspension for the Rizolis since 2010, when the brothers, well known for their critical and controversial views, were kicked off the air for one year.
Jim Rizoli said Federal Communications Commission rules protect the programming, and the brothers have appealed their latest suspension for a review or rehearing.
“We have perfect right to put anything on,” he said, adding that he’d even accept being banished to the so-called “safe harbor” overnight time slots if people are so offended by his shows.
“They don’t have to watch them,” he said. “Just turn them off. They want to just ruin me and take my shows off the air.”
Rizoli said some people were upset the brothers recently broadcast images of “dead, unclothed bodies of people who died during the Holocaust,” but he called it “history” and said the content of a program is protected.
Rizoli also dismissed allegations that he and his brother violated Access Framingham rules, such as by falsifying forms and documents.
“We didn’t violate anything,” he said. “They trumped up all this stuff saying we did.”
McColgan said Access Framingham’s Board of Directors will consider whether the Rizolis have grounds for an appeal, such as new evidence to present.
McColgan said some of the complaints about the Rizolis’ shows were more content oriented, “and that€™s a little bit different in that we’re not regulating content per se. But there are certain policies and procedures that all members need to follow,” he said.
Rizoli said he and his brother continue to voice their views on their website, www.ccfiile.com, which is focused on illegal immigration, and on YouTube.
He said the cable access suspension is really the result of a “conspiracy to stop free speech.”
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My brother responds


Rizoli: Censorship in Framingham

Censorship in Framingham
I will state that I do not agree with everything my brothers say…. but I defend their right to say it (“Rizolis suspended from Framingham cable access TV,” July 28).
You either have censorship or you do not. There is no in-between. Once you start censoring one thing, there will always be someone else who does not like what is being said and that will eventually be censored too. Do you see what happens here?
The greatest thing about our country is our right to discuss anything. People who are NOT interested do not have to watch their shows.
The shows, if people watched them, have much good programming. There will always be someone who does not like something. Again, what are they afraid of? People cannot dictate what can be said or not said, as long as you have an intelligent debate about it. Anyone can get on their shows and debate the issues that bother them. This is a basic right which must be preserved.
What is being done here is totally wrong and everyone knows it. Look what your job would be like if someone always told you what you could not talk about….or do they? This is wrong and there is no excuse in the world that makes it right. Someone is just afraid of these people for some reason. Well guess what?? We all have to stand up for this right of free speech or it will eventually see it slip away. I honestly believe it already is. All of the worst governments in history began with censorship and we all know how they ended up. We have to learn from history and it is being written every day.
“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.”
– Don Marquis