Use Stickers to Express Your Thoughts to the Public

Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, and the third round of full staff nucleic acid testing has been completed in some areas. The reporter found that many citizens began to sun the “cute” stickers after the nucleic acid test in their circle of friends. Some citizens pasted the stickers on their mobile phones, and some on their clothes. It is worth noting that each sticker has a different meaning.

The reporter saw that a green horse was doing nucleic acid testing on the nucleic acid sticker in the district. One person told the reporter that the design was the brainchild of the office staff. The green “horse” symbolizes that everyone’s health code is OK, and everyone is healthy. The text “mountains and rivers are all right, and the green code is safe” in the background of the design also hopes that the citizens are safe.

There are various kinds of stickers. The reporter noticed that the nucleic acid sticker on the street is a small tiger. The person in charge said: “this year is the year of the tiger in the lunar calendar. We designed such stickers to imply the” tiger “symbol, and it is easy to accept the cartoon image.”

The reporter noted that the nucleic acid sticker is very rich in local characteristics. The sticker depicts the town government office building, the chef and the roast chicken.

The publicity committee member introduced to the reporter that the background of the sticker is the town government building, the villain in front is the image of a chef wearing a mask, and the plate is roast chicken, which is the characteristic food of the town and one of the intangible cultural heritages; The stickers not only publicize the special food, but also remind everyone that the “history” of epidemic prevention is always the same, wear masks when going out, and do a good job in personal protection; The slogan “walk with love, win the war and epidemic disease” on the sticker means that the staff and volunteers participating in the nucleic acid detection of the whole staff come from all walks of life. They serve every resident with love and warmth, and strengthen their confidence and courage to overcome the epidemic.

The small stickers are full of meanings, and also make the nucleic acid detection process more orderly and loving. The stickers record the optimism of Dongying citizens, and other stickers are also full of a sense of ceremony.

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