Zionism’s Dark side

Israel The Enemy’s Within the Gates…

The Evil’s of Zionism
I think what makes this topic so interesting to me is how the Jewish organizations will use every means possible to stop this message they will even kill those who write about it..

So that made me think of the Jw’s and how  similar they are and how they will lie and slander “apostates” and if they could kill them they probably would. When I see organizations censor people a red flag automatically goes up and makes me wonder why. Thats why the subject is of such interest to me.

 What I am writing here is just a very brief synopsis of what I’ve come across in my travels so if you want more documentation I can show you the links.
Zionism is probably one of the most evil things that  exist in the world today because it goes against every principle that is laid out in the Bible for the Jews.
I  consider the Zionist as the radicals within the Jewish system,  and what is interesting about this is,  there are a many good Jewish  people who despise Zionism and know it for what it really is for instance this site.

 http://www.netureikarta.org/When people speak out against Zionism, the Jews, take it as a case of Anti-Semitism but it isn’t that at all.

Its just that Zionism is a terrorist organization that  sits in the background behind the Jewish nation in general directing their every step.

Zionism makes like its really defending Israel’s its right to exist,  which isn’t the case at all because most of the time the Zionist are the  aggressors and the other nations particularly the Palestinians are just defending themselves from the aggression heaped upon them.

I have the highest respect for  the  true Jews and their history because it all started with the Jews,  but when God allowed them to be taken into captivity by  the Babylonians  way back before Christ they pretty much continued on their  course  of Apostasy  full speed and are going all out in their rebellion  against  God up until now.
 What are the goals of the Zionist?  It looks like they want to control the world and they pretty much do in a lot of areas.

 That’s why when people speak out against them they get slammed dunked by the media and all other venues.
The Revisionist,  the honest people now come along and actually have the nerve to question some aspects of the Holocaust and other issues,  and the Jews go  wild accusing them of being Anti-Semitic, hate mongers, Neo-Nazi’s you name it  anything to draw attention away  from the real issue.
You see nothing is as it seems!

 Why are the Jews so intent on destroying all those who oppose them?    It’s obvious they must have something to hide and believe me there is a lot to hide!

So my research has come to that conclusion and its actually tough to speak about it because I’ve seen how these people deal with those who speak out and it could be very dangerous, for all those involved who speak out.

 A little history lesson here!

 I can understand why Hitler hated the Jews so much not that I think he was right, he  saw what trouble they caused in Russia and he didn’t want that to happen in Germany, so his main goal was, as far as I can see,  was to stop the Communist  threat against Germany which was being  spearheaded by Zionist Jews.
 Hitler had the nerve to do something about it, he rose up against them and not only that he had the nerve to finance his war with Local money, not depending on the Jewish controlled banks and financial institutions.
 This did not make the Jewish bankers happy because they would loose billions of dollars so they made sure the other nations would all come together and fight against Hitler while protecting their interests.
You have to understand Hitler did not want to fight England, in fact the two countries were tied together by a royal blood line.
With that in mind Rudolph Hess was sent to Scotland on May 10, 1941 to try to negotiate peace with the British, but which resulted in his capture and long term imprisonment.

 Now don’t get me wrong I’m no lover of Hitler or anybody who wages war, but I can understand why he did what he did.
 You have to understand that Russia was Hitler’s main target because even though the majority of Russia was not Jewish it was ruled by those that were!
Imagine 3% of Russia was Jewish and they controlled the country, now that’s power.
Hitler wanted to change that scenario so he made sure that those in Germany who were Jewish didn’t have that control and that’s why he started his deportation policy which some misconstrued to mean EXTERMINATION policy.

And  just to show you it was deportation and not  extermination, consider  this,  in the early stages of the war Hitler sent  boat loads of  people away from Germany to seek refuge in other countries and one  boat load even was sent to the U.S. but guess what?   It was sent back to Germany and these people most likely ended up in the work camps. So if Hitler wanted all the Jews dead why did he send some of them out the country to live somewhere else?

Notice I said work camps because that’s what they were.
 Hitler wasn’t stupid he had a million people work force and more to use to provide the German war machine with all the things they needed
He was a smart business man as was Pharaoh when he used the Israelites to help with the pyramids during Moses time.

So all the camps that were set up were mainly Labor Camps, and a lot of the camps were in Poland, which just supported the deportation claim I just made.
Send the people to a country that they are unfamiliar with and you’ll have a better chance of not having any problems with them, because the will be lost when it comes direction.
There were also Concentration camps that were there to house the worst of the criminal element that existed at the time and these camps are the ones that most people allude to when dealing with brutal suffering that was heaped upon them.

Everything was working out just fine and then the allies decided to bomb the major railways and the major roads that led into these camps and guess what?   The food and supplies were now cut off and the people were on their own with no food and medical supplies and this started  the ball rolling downhill  very fast because without food you get  sick and without medical help you  die!

 It didn’t take long for the people to start dropping like flies, they were dying at such a tremendous rate the Nazi’s couldn’t contain it, so the camps became infested with lice and disease spread like gangrene.
What would you expect from thousands of people crammed into close quarters?
How were the Nazi  to contain the lice problem,  by gassing the clothes of the people and all their belongings.
That’s what the Gas chambers were mainly used for not for gassing live people!
Now think about it why would they bring people into the camps by the train load telling them to undress and then gas them!

If they wanted to kill them just Gas them with their clothes on!
 Interesting note!  There were no gas chambers in any of the camps in Germany!   Poland had them but again I say,   the gas chambers in these Labor/work camps were there to delouse the clothes and the people, but they were not used for mass extermination.   It was to contain a serious problem that already existed, which was the lice the main carriers of disease, within the camps
The next problem that followed was the people were dying so fast that they had to do something with the bodies and that’s where the ovens/crematoriums came in it was the most effective way to get rid of the diseased bodies without making the problem worse.
The ovens were used for those already dead and had to be disposed of quickly, without spreading germs around for those living.

 When the war ended the camps were liberated and when the soldiers entered the camps they were horrified and rightly so!   No Food, No supplies,   No medicine, what would you expect to see, bodies were everywhere and the stench was horrible.
So the rumors started to fly and you know what they say ”TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALITY OF WAR”
So the Nazi’s were the bad guys and the world had an enemy to hate even more.
And who was behind all the rumors,  the Zionist/Jews and rightly so, because they now  set the stage for the next wave of attack.

The allies had to get revenge so they let the German people experience first hand what the horrors of war was, and thousands upon thousands if not millions of innocent Germans were soon starved to death to atone for the death of the Jews and others who were in the labor camps.  When was the last time you heard about that!
Things after the war settled down and the Holocaust wasn’t even a topic of discussion until the Zionist Jews in the late 70’s resurrected the whole thing and now the stories were coming in about the camps and the horrors that were experienced by those who survived.

What people don’t realize is that most of the eyewitnesses of what happened were not believable but that didn’t stop the books being written and the movies being made.
The Holocaust industry was born and to show how much influence it had on life in the good old U.S. the Zionist/Jewish contingent talked  the U.S. Government into building a memorial to all those who died in the Holocaust on U.S soil and this is the first memorial of its kind to be funded with taxpayer money for people who weren’t even AMERICANS!

And what makes it even better the cost to run this memorial comes out of taxpayer money every year, which amounts to millions.
Yet every year the Memorial collects millions of dollars in revenue for Holocaust related objects.
Now what ever happened to the separation of Church and State!
Incredible isn’t, where are the memorials to the Blacks, or the American Indian?
Nope!  The Jewish people who comprise less than 3% of the population of this country have their own religious memorial.

Does that sound familiar with the influence of a particular group of people!   Remember what I said about Russia, and who ruled the country there, during the First World War and shortly after!
In Russia there was an estimated 20-50 million people killed during the reign of Stalin
Since that is 5 times more people or more depending on the figures why isn’t there a memorial to these poor Russians, or Albanians, or whoever that had more casualties than the Jews during the last 100 years!.
You think it would stop there, but NO!  The U.S. Government provides the terrorist state of Israel with Billions of dollars of aid every year to fight the Palestinians, who vehemently protest the illegal take over of their land by the Israelis.

The U.N. has even condemned Israel for what they are doing.  Even Amnesty International has called Israel a terrorist state. Do we get the picture here?
Have you ever wondered why it seems like everything is centered on Israel?
Even some Christians Zionist groups have this warped idea that Israel is God chosen people and they will do whatever it takes to support the Israeli cause.
Good article about this point


So is there any wonder why things are like they are in the world!
And this is just the tip of the iceberg!